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  Release Date: Apr 07, 2017
  Runtime: 117 min
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Synopsis 1: Their Finest is an English language British film based around World War 2 and is a love story set in the times of atrocities. The film follows the tale of a woman, who is married to some bigshot painter. She is hired to write a propaganda film about Dunkirk and she is asked to work alongside a famous screenplay writer to get the facts right. The job is to write some short film stories which will fulfil the government’s propaganda plans. She has to provide the feminine touch to all the stories, films on which will further be shows in the theatres in between the feature films. Part of the reason she takes the job is to make the ends meet, as her husband, who happens to be prolific painter struggles to provide bread and butter to the family. She is made to work alongside a very popular writer, who woos her with his unmissable charm, mistakenly. Eventually, as they keep working together on the film, they grow close and soon, they fall in love with each other. The story then takes an emotional turn and the film goes through several emotional roller coaster rides to finally conclude in a satisfying yet heartbreaking finale.

Synopsis 2: Their Finest is a British romantic comedy film based on the backdrop of Second World War and tells the story about a woman who falls in love with a fellow writer during an assignment. The film happens to be based on a novel title Their Finest Hour and a Half. The film tells the story about a woman who is married to an unsuccessful painter. Revolving around the Dunkirk incident, the film tells her story as she is hired to write a propaganda film about the event. She is made to work alongside an accomplished screenwriter and they grow affection towards each other.

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