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  Release Date: Apr 14, 2017
  Runtime: 117 min
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Tommy’s Honour is a historical drama film depicting the rise of Golf in the Scotland in mid 19th century. The film is based on a novel by the same name and features the story of Tommy Morris and his son. Tommy was a pioneer in golf and wanted his son to follow his steps. He has won several awards back in the days and even laid down some rules to the game which were universally followed. He has the same aspirations for his son, who is somehow a little bit rebellious in nature. He doesn’t want to follow the exact footsteps of his father and develops his own game, winning several tournaments and dragging in way more spectators than his father ever could. The son does all that and turns out to be even more talented than his father. Everything seems to be going well when the conflicts start to raise their head between the father and the son. This also involves the son falling in love and marrying a woman who is way below their social standing. Although the son becomes a successful golfer, the tension never faded between the father and the son.

Tommy’s Honour is an English language biographical drama film taking on the lives the ace Scottish father son golfer duo who shared a complex relationship. At the centre of the film are Old Tom Morris and his son Young Tom Morris. Old Tom Morris was a great golfer back in his time and is known for inventing the new rules to the game. And when his son achieves some great feats in the same game, he feels proud. But as the time passes, the father son duo starts having their share of misunderstandings and their relationship starts going downhill.

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