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  Release Date: Sep 04, 2022
  Runtime: 23 min
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Rick and Morty Season 1-7 Full Movie Synopsis:

“Rick and Morty” is an animated sci-fi sitcom following the interdimensional adventures of an eccentric and alcoholic scientist, Rick Sanchez, and his good-hearted but easily influenced grandson, Morty Smith. Together, they embark on bizarre escapades through space, alternate dimensions, and various timelines, encountering strange creatures, alternate versions of themselves, and a wide array of eccentric characters.

The show is known for its dark humor, intricate sci-fi references, and philosophical themes, exploring complex ideas such as existentialism, the nature of reality, and the meaning of life through its absurd and often satirical storytelling. As the series progresses, it delves deeper into the dysfunctional dynamics of the Smith family, emphasizing the strain caused by Rick’s erratic behavior and the impact of his adventures on Morty and the rest of the family. “Rick and Morty” combines irreverent humor with thought-provoking narratives, making it a cult favorite among audiences who appreciate its blend of clever satire and imaginative storytelling.

Rick and Morty Season 1-7, 6.5 out of 10 based on 37 ratings

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